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What Made Harry Potter A Great Story
January 3, 2023
Film Analysis, Uncategorized
Magic isn't what made us fall in love with the world of Harry Potter. When you think about the books and films, there are several elements to the Harry Potter stories:...
Putting in a Lighting Grid
January 28, 2022
Lighting, Making Things, Projects, Rigging
I love the physicality of gaffing work. Last week I got to put in this 16'x16' lighting grid for Bala for a new standing set they're building for some workout videos!...
Creating a Homemade LightBridge CRLS
January 28, 2022
Lighting, Making Things, Rigging, Uncategorized
I've been drooling over Lighbridge's CRLS's since I first discovered them. But I've been curious for awhile how much light I could bounce with a normal aluminum sheet, so one day...