Los Angeles Cinematographer / Los Angeles Gaffer

“Funny Thing About Love” Brooke White Music Video

I loved working on this project with Summer Bellessa and Brooke White! I did the lighting and cinematography for all the scenes where Brooke is singing (they cut it in with clips from the movie for the video).

The first scene, in the woods, was pretty simple. I found a spot the sun wasn’t glaring and added a golden gel to a big light. Then I added a reflector to catch her eyes a big and started filming. Inside the church I filled it with haze and shot my big light through the window on a giant combo stand, again, gelled with some gold. The last sunset spot was interesting because my car wouldn’t make it, so I had to ditch most of my stuff and carry the cameras up in their car. We also had limited time, so we used a reflector and did what we could!